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Are you Cannacurious? Tune in to our weekly 30 minute Podcast every Thursday. Hosted by Diane McConahay, MyJane Wellness Adviser, to learn from industry experts, leading health care professionals, influential advocates and major Cannabis brands.

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EP 31- Tiffany Yelverton.

Let's talk about sex, baby!  Join us in this exciting episode as we discuss with Tiffany how to have a more fulfilled sex life, creating a happier life overall!  We will learn simple ways to help ourselves be more confident in a relationship and in every day life; as well as, where cannabis fits into this equation.

EP 30 - Simon Dufour.

Taxes, taxes, taxes! What does this look like in the cannabis industry for consumers and businesses? Join us as Simon Dufour, from Hall & Company CPAs, explains more about how this will effect us all in 2020. Let's be empowered as we learn from Simon.

Ep 29 - Adam Grossman.

Learn about this well respected cannabis product.  Adam is the founder & CEO of Papa & Barkley, a leading wellness company in the California market.  He tells us the story of inception of Papa & Barkley and why he is so passionate about the plant and helping others.  

EP 28 - Dr. Christine Lee.

Let's talk about women's sexual health!  Join us as we interview an OB/GYN who knows women and our medical needs.  She will tell her story and how she left her practice to move into the cannabis space to support women with clean products to alleviate some of our biggest concerns.

Ep 27 - Keiko Beatie & Kandice Hawes.

Are you cannacurious about employment in the cannabis space? Learn from the pioneers how you can get a job in cannabis in today's market. What are the tools you may need to get hired?  

Ep 26 - Ali Becher.

Cancer, depression, and cannabis.  Listen in as Ali continues her 3 time cancer journey story with us.  Depression can be a symptom for many cancer patients.  Ali shares with us how she combated and moved through the difficult times while fighting cancer.