Your MyJane Box

We’ve done the research for you, curating the best products in each box to help you get a betters nights sleep, reduce stress & anxiety and relieve pain. We’re here to normalize the cannabis experience and deliver choices to help you feel better.


Our Featured Brands

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Inside Your Box

Your MyJane Box will include 7 – 10 experience size products (from bathbombs to chocolates) hand-selected & vetted for superior quality! We’ll include information on why they’re featured and how best to use them.

MyJane Box starts at $79 including taxes & scheduled in-person delivery. Full size versions of the same products would cost over $350!


applied to the skin, including lotions, scrubs and serums


food or beverages infused with cannabis


an introduction to cannabis for wellness through inhalation


concentrated cannabis often suspended in an alcohol solution or an oil preparation.


Everyone of us has a unique endocannabinoid system that receives the cannabis plant in it’s own way. MyJane boxes are curated with experience size products, designed to give you the opportunity to try consuming cannabis in a variety of forms to allow you to find what works for you!

More questions? Call 833-MYJANE2 to speak to your MyJane Wellness Conceirge who can help guide your experience.